On Four, On Three


23" x 23" each

polyester film, synthetic rubber, acrylics

Hunt Rettig’s work sits at the nexus of installation, sculpture, and painting—a visual and conceptual experiment in pushing limits and cultivating wonder. Each of Rettig’s assemblages is animated by a particular cadence, the baseline for which is a sublime furling and unfurling of curvilinear forms. To achieve these original constructions, Rettig brings together everyday materials—such as polyester film, synthetic rubber, plastic, and acrylic paints—in unexpected ways.

Rettig’s process and priorities as an artist echo his larger worldview. He notes that what we know about the universe is only a fraction of what there is to know. It is in our awareness of our not knowing, however, that we can start to see that anything is possible: “4-D. Entire planes of infinite reality existing in the narrows. Yes, fairies, flying acorns, mechanical elves. Ghosts. 5-D. 9-D.” The endless array of possibilities is a galvanizing force for creation. With the limits undefined, what we can achieve or reach is only obstructed by narratives that we alone author.

Visit Dolby Chadwick Gallery to see more images from Hunt's latest show- Natural Target, 2020

Current- Lisa Sette Gallery, Phoenix, AZ "blue" September 2 - January 2, 2021

Upcoming- Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, CA "STAY INSPIRED" December 10 - January 20 2021

He to whom Nature

begins to reveal

her open secret

will feel an irresistible yearning

for her most worthy interpreter, 



Placing Time with Highlights

40" x 50"


polyester film, synthetic rubber acrylics