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When I was twelve I stepped into Jesus Soto's namesake museum in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela to forever be changed. His work taught me art can and should be engaging on many levels.  The implied kinetic component seen in my work is directly influenced by Soto.


Rene Maria Rilke's timeless poetry conveys images of the natural world that reveal the triangular relationship between beauty, mystery and the sacred. The sacred being a God I've come to know through observation of everything around me. With my brushstrokes I'm attempting to pull off what Rilke did with his written words. 


Take a few minutes to watch this video of my good friends who remind us, as my wife always does, that life is short and be happy and aware of how damn good that mango tastes that landed in your lap.

Muistardeaux Collective's MFA Commencement Address, San Francisco Art Institute, 2010

run time- 8 minutes

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