Process. And then more process. This is my means of continual discovery. I mine my subconscious for unforeseeable forms and begin the transfer. I mold, shape and embed polyester on an acrylic substrate and then overlay this with proprietary “coats” developed through 

years of experimemtation with paint, film and negative surfaces. The three dimensional configurations that emerge invariably evoke the recognizable - sometimes subtle, sometimes complex - and offer an inviting bridge to our natural world. 




Eric Gibbons, an artist and friend, once wrote a fabricated artist statement about me when attempting to think my thoughts, "I am ultimately a mental perfectionist. I know that perfection only exists in my mind, I therefore explore from the inside out." True?


link to Eric Gibbons' bio and sta[te]m[e]nt on Hunt Rettig for SF MOMA's, Sculpture LA, 2010